Originality is not replication. It is theft.

Cover bands don’t change the world.


Learning is not strictly lessons and books, revision and study. Learning is circumstantial. Life is emotional, it is felt, as much as it is remembered. To be receptive to this is our choice. To learn from it has to be a desire, or you will remain the same.

Fats Waller - The best thing I’ve watched in a while. 


Its the thought that counts.

But next time don’t bother.

What a babe.

What a babe.

Typed “The Teeth Wake” into google, this video came up, and below it:

Wisdom Teeth Wake Up at the Dentist


Maybe watch both. 

Tap water.

Tap water.



Randa - Frankenstein 
someone make this show come true

haha christ i know these people! this is rad.

(via curtainage)

A good book.

A good book.